Big Bambu "HEMP" Rolling Paper



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Big Bambu "HEMP" Rolling Paper

The same classic product you've know and trusted for years.

Why ruin your high-quality herb or tobacco with paper that isn’t made to the same standard? Big Bambú Pure Hemp papers are made with the quality of your herb or tobacco in mind. That’s why they’re made of 100% pure hemp; it’s clean, pure taste allows the natural flavor of your herb to shine through. Treat yourself to the paper with the quality to match any herb in the world. Treat yourself to Bambú!

We sell only genuine Bambú papers. Check to make sure the logo on each booklet is embossed, and if you buy a display, make sure it has the holographic ‘World’s Finest Paper’ sticker with the QR code on the bottom of the box. King size displays do not have a sticker, but each booklet will have a start paper with the logo and a circular ‘Quality Warranty Leaf’ design.

• Natural Glue
• Made in Spain
• 100% Bambú Quality Since 1764
• Same trusted Highest grade paper formula for 255 years
• 33 Slow burning leaves per booklet

• Box of 50 Packs (Total 1650 leaves)


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